Hawker Racing

BMW 328 – A recreation based on a BMW 319

Hawker Racing Limited, having been fortunate enough to have access to a customer’s car, have just completed the building of a replica BMW 328, based on an original 1937 BMW 319.

We were able to successfully copy the chassis suspension and all of the mechanics of the 328. Furthermore by taking templates of the original 328 we are able to make the necessary bucks, which enabled us to hand craft and manufacture the 328 aluminium coach work.  The original 328 ash frame has also been replicated.  Instrumentation and detail such as door locks, windscreen assembly, bonnet detail and lights were all manufactured to the original 328 specification and the car trimmed in red hide as per the original.  The only departure from the original spec has been the fitting of a Bristol engine in lieu of a BMW engine.

The combination of all of the above has resulted in a magnificent, light weight BMW 328 based on a 1937 right hand drive BMW 319.

With the escalating values of the iconic BMW 328, this car represents extremely good value at approximately half the price of a good BMW 328. This car also has the advantage of considerable weight saving, as well as a corrosion resistant aluminium body, and has been manufactured to drawing components.

Hawker Racing Limited is currently busy with a further donor project; a 1937 right hand drive BMW 316. This project has an estimated completion time of between 18 and 24 months.  Should anyone be interested in such a project please do not hesitate to contact us.